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University of Padua, Project Marketing Course.

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Always Antico E 'has paid special attention to young people by encouraging corporate internships for new graduates, lectures, company visits of students. With this in mind we enthusiastically to the proposal of the Degree Course of the University of Padua for a collaboration in a project sponsored by the Marketing Course.

Our company has been chosen, with eight other different realities of our region, for svilupapre a communication plan activated in concert with the Productivity Center of Veneto and Unioncamere Veneto.

The groups of students (3-4 groups for each company) have analyzed the sustainability of business and proposed a communication plan strategies. More specifically, the groups' activities were structured as follows:

Step 1) analysis of the sustainability of the company and the sector actions: a group has deepened the communications strategies of foreign competitors, one of those Italians, one of the key markets and key stakeholders and, finally, the last major sustainability actions introduced in the sector.

Phase 2) 3-4 groups are competing with one another for the preparation of a plan of communication of your sustainability and social responsibility actions.

Step 3) the elaborate preparation. At the end of the course the students have handed over the results of their work in a paper written shared with individual companies, whose judgment on the effectiveness and compliance of the communication plan with business goals compete with that of teachers in identifying, for each analyzed company, the best project.

Step 4) presentation of the work.