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Wood furniture, Italy's response to the recession.

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According to the survey compiled by Symbola, the foundation for Italian quality, Italy boasts 10 sectors capable of stimulating its national economy and finally pushing the country out of recession. Among these is the wood furniture sector.

Italian wood furniture in figures.

Symbola describes the sector of Italian wood furniture as second in the world in terms of trade surplus, with a positive balance of 9 billion dollars. In front of Italy there is only China with 86.3 billion dollars. Poland (8.5 bn), Mexico and Vietnam (6.2 bn) follow.

The Italian wood furniture sector has an enviable amount of exports. The country that Italy exports the most to is France (with over 1,060 million euros). Then there is Germany (844 million), The United Kingdom (719 million), Switzerland (555 million), Russia (527 million), Spain (407 million) and Austria (265 million). There is also The United Arab Emirates (295 million), China (288 million) and Saudi Arabia (272 million).

Wood furniture as a driving force for the environment.

Not only the does the wood furniture sector stand out as one of the main strengths of the Italian economy but it also has high environmental sustainability.
In fact, in Italy, the Wood Furniture industry emits 30 tons of oil per every 1 million euros of product, while the European average for the same is 68 tons, which is a huge difference.
Moreover, the Wood Furniture sector not only reduces emissions, but it values restoration and reuse, with companies such as Antico